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    HEPA Air Cleaner for China & India:

    air-purifiers-austin-air-healthmate-plus Air pollution in China, India and many countries around the world has become a huge problem. If you have allergies, asthma or an environmental illness and live abroad, you can improve your indoor air quality and give your immune system a break.  Usually, a premium quality HEPA air cleaner will cost $2000 – $3000 abroad. The Air Cleaner Store can save you a fortune on the world’s most effective air cleaner. Here is what to do: #CHINA-SMOG (CN)

    • Order a HealthMate Plus from The Air Cleaner Store. $649 •  Order power conversion for a 220 volt motor with a custom electrical plug. $225  Add to Cart
    • I will ship it free to any of the 48 States.
    • Allow an extra week for delivery for conversion.
    • Bring your Austin Air cleaner with you as luggage on your flight.

    Our top quality air cleaners can help you maintain health while living and working abroad.  Austin Air products are not just as good; they are better!

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    HealthMate Plus™ Hawaii

    mauna loa from mauna keaFor Hawiians,  VOG and volcanic  air pollution can cause health problems.   Studies have shown that sulfur dioxide and volcanic ash are known lung irritants that can increase the incidence of allergies and asthma.  Additionally,  construction materials, paints, plastics, cleaning products and lighter fluids discharge VOC’s that can pollute our indoor air and affect the health of you and your family. You can manage these problems with an Austin Air HealthMate Plus HEPA air purifier.The HealthMate Plus™  is ideal for people with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS),  or to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals.  Only The Air Cleaner Store offers $99.00 shiping to Hawai’i.

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    HealthMate Plus – For Porter Ranch Homeowners

    air-purifiers-austin-air-healthmate-plusOf the hundreds of air cleaners on the market today, CARB (California Air Resources Board)  and SoCalGas chose Austin Air’s HealthMate Plus to help Porter Ranch home owners reduce exposure to airborne chemicals from the Aliso Canyon gas leak. Here’s why:

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      • The HealthMate Plus has a massive charcoal filter with 15 lbs. of activated carbon, zeolite. and potassium iodide.  This special blend will  help remove over 3000 chemicals and odors, including benzene from the air!  We use the best carbon (made from coconut shells) available and lots of it!
      • The HealthMate Plus filter uses over 60 square feet of  True Medical Grade HEPA media to remove  allergens including  dust, molds, and pollen from the air.

    At The Air Cleaner Store we are committed to helping the residents of the Porter Ranch community improve their indoor air quality and maintain health. 

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