Specific Air Challenges

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    Pet Machine™ Air Cleaner – To help you manage pet allergens and odors.

    Bettie's dogDo you have a cat, dog or bird? Sometimes a pet’s dander (dry skin), saliva or urine may trigger allergies . The Austin Air Pet Machine™ has a large HEPA filter to capture and remove allergens. Additionally, Pet Machine™ has a large activated carbon filter with Amoniasorb to limit pet smells. All Austin Air cleaners and filters are covered by a five year warranty

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    Bedroom Machine – Designed to help you sleep

    Sleep Deprived? You'll Sleep Anywhere!

    Sleep Deprived? You’ll Sleep Anywhere!

    • The National Sleep Foundation’s Bedroom Machine™, by Austin Air,  has a  five-stage filter that combines the features of the top performing HealthMate™ and The Allergy Machine™ (HEGA).
    • The Bedroom Machine™ has two carbon filters  to provide extra protection from airborne chemicals, odors and gases.
    • Over 60 square feet of True Medical Grade HEPA media to remove airborne particles and allergens from the air.
    The Bedroom Machine™ removes airborne irritants to help prevent allergies, asthma and associated obstructive sleep apnea.

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    Austin Air HealthMate Plus™ – For Beauty Salons

    istock_5polishlargeHow is your  Hair or Nail Salon’s Indoor Air Quality?
    Does your salon have odors?   Hair salon products release chemicals into the air and those chemicals often have odors – they smell.    Nail salons use product that all give off fumes – they smell too.  Additionally, manicures produce  dust particles, which become airborne.  All these chemicals and particles could be affecting you and your customers health. Don’t despair.
    You can manage these air quality issues with an Austin Air HealthMate Plus™ HEPA air purifier.
    •  HealthMate Plus™ has a massive true medical grade HEPA filter for particles.
    •  The HealthMate Plus™ has 15 lbs of specially blended activated charcoal carbon  filter for airborne chemicals.
    •  Filters over 250 cubic feet of air per minute.
    The Austin Air HealthMate Plus is the best HEPA air cleaner  for your hair salon or nail salon.

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    HealthMate™ – Keeping Molds Out Of Your Home

    Flooded home is at risk for a mold problem.•  A flooded home is at risk for a mold problem, because molds like moisture.

    •  Mold byproducts poisons our indoor air;  mold spores and mycotoxins

      Molds spores and mycotoxins cause respiratory problems including allergies and asthma skin problems, nausea, headaches, poor concentration, insomnia and depression.

    Capture and remove airborne mold spores and mycotoxins with a premium HEPA air cleaner. Austin Air’s HealthMate™ is the best product on the market today for mold removal.


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